Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress

by Elizabeth Antunovic (©2010 Boba Inc.) Introduction Europe seems to host the most pediatricians who recommend that, in order to avoid pressure on their underdeveloped bodies, newborns and infants lay flat on their backs in a stroller and not be carried. Yet, laying a young infant on his back alone in a stroller is actually […]

The Second Nine Months:Exterogestation and The Need to Be Held

  by Elizabeth Antunovic (©2009 Boba Inc.) Introduction Gestation Outside of the Womb—”Exterior Gestation” Continuing Relation Between Mother and Child Birth Due to Large Head Mother’s Body Regulates Developing Systems Crawling Completes Exterior Gestation Human Developmental Periods Longer than Apes-Except Gestation Humans Born With 25% Adult Brain, Apes 50% Advantages to Developmental Incompleteness 2/3 of […]

Kangaroo Care: Powerful and Effective Care for Your Preemie

What is Kangaroo Mother Care? Kangaroo Mother Care is a method of care practiced on babies, usually on a preterm infant, where the infant is held skin-to-skin with his mother, father, or substitute caregiver. Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) was initially developed in Colombia as a way to keep stable preterm infants warm and decrease time […]

Kangaroo Care: 20 Reasons to Wrap Your Preemie

  You give birth to a low birthweight or a preterm infant and your little one is literally whisked away from you, indefinitely. You may feel isolated, lonely and helpless; parents and babies alike.  You have trust that the hospital will do all that they can, yet you wish that there was something more that […]

Babywearing’s Health Benefits: Beyond Hands Free

Educating yourself as a mother is pretty powerful.  You know what it feels like to hold your baby close to your heart.  The bliss yet the calm that overtakes you when you smell her head. Yet there is a lot of science backing babywearing that is reaffirming what we already know. Here are some benefits […]