Twins, Nursing, and Baby Carriers: How To Make It Work

By Jill on April 15th 2012


If you’ve had or are having twins, you know that you have to re-think your parenting choices. Not necessarily change them but figure out how to parent the way you want with two babies at the same time. Breastfeeding and babywearing can be challenging with twins, especially if you want to breastfeed while wearing your baby in a carrier. Challenging, yes, but definitely not impossible!

I mostly nursed my twins together in a carrier when they were infants. I used a ring sling and later a Boba Wrap. With both carriers, the babies sat upright on either side of my chest with their legs flexed. It worked well because they were tiny and easy to maneuver. Since they were each laying on one breast it was pretty easy access for nursing; I just lowered the carrier a bit.

Around six months  they became too big to be in one carrier together. This is when many moms of multiples begin putting one baby in a carrier while nursing the other in their arms. I didn’t use this technique often because my girls almost always wanted to nurse at the same time but I can see how it would be extremely helpful to keep one baby happy while waiting to nurse. Along those same lines, you could have one baby on your back while nursing the other in a carrier on the front.

Wearing twins in a carrier has a lot of the same benifits as wearing a single baby. It is great for multitasking, though when you have twins you have a totally different set of priorities. Instead of trying to cook and clean you will likely be focused on basic needs like breastfeeding and keeping both babies happy at the same time.

There are many different positions, situations, and carriers that will work with twins. Since every mom and every baby is different, it will take some experimenting to get it right and it probably will never be as easy as carrying a single baby. Here are my tips:

Top Five Tips for Nursing Twins In a Baby Carrier

  • Try different styles of carriers

  • Try different positions/holds, especially as babies grow and change

  • Keep in mind that each baby may favor different carriers or positions

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, but don’t give up either as nursing even one baby in a carrier can take some practice and determination

  • As always, listen to your instinct and listen to your babies, and you will find your way