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Want to see video on how to breastfeed in a baby carrier? Here’s a video demonstration of nursing in the Boba Carrier 3G. You may also find this post full of tips from Boba founder Elizabeth Antunovic on Nursing in a Baby Carrier especially helpful! Want more how-to videos? Check out our library of short baby carrier how-to videos.  

thank you for this great video post. i am normally a lift-the-shirt nurser, which is why i was getting stuck; but i think the layering of shirts and the out-the-top approach is going to work for me and my son too. i am actually excited for him to wake up from his nap so that i we can practice nursing in our boba. more freedom together rocks!

bobafamily moderator

@Nich0le You're very welcome! We're happy to hear that this video has helped. Please feel free to contact us should you have any difficulty nursing in the Boba!