Compare Carriers

Not quite sure which carrier to add to your cart? You're not alone. With so many baby carrier shapes and styles out there, it can be tough to know which one's right for you. But have no fear, we keep things simple here at Boba. Our baby carrier comparison charts will help you pick which Boba products are your perfect match, plus we've got pros and cons list spanning the full gamut of carrier types out there—even ones we don't produce (for good reason). Check it out.

Which Boba Carrier Is Right for You?

*If your baby is under 5 pounds (2.5kg), please first discuss proper kangaroo care in the infant hold with your physician and read all of our safety precautions.

Baby Carrier Guide: Pros and Cons of Various Types

There are six basic types of baby carriers: baby wraps, baby slings, mei-tais, soft-structured carriers, front-facing carriers and frame backpacks. Here at Boba, we only produce wraps and soft-structured carriers because we believe that they are the best options for your comfort and your child’s development and safety. But hey, we’re all for education, so here’s a baby carrier comparison that covers ‘em all.

What’s the Difference Between Each Boba Carrier Generation?