ED9A3549Boba is Best for Baby

  • Less crying. Carried babies cry 43% less overall, and 54% less during evening hours.
  • Better health. Babywearing helps babies gain weight faster, improves reflux, and decreases ear infections.
  • Healthy development. Babies who are carried develop better motor skills, coordination, muscle tone, and balance.
  • Improved sleep. Babywearing helps babies fall asleep faster and sleep for longer periods.
  • Heightened world view. Why keep babies at knee-level in strollers or carseats? Baby carriers give them a better view of the world.
  • Enhanced learning. Observing the world while nuzzled securely into a parent’s chest allows babies to take in the world around them—without being overstimulated.

Boba is Best for Parents

  •  Freedom together. Boba carriers and wraps allow parents to continue their active lifestyle—with baby in tow.
  • Confidence boost. A baby whose needs are met is a happy and calm baby, and that makes for a confident parent!
  • No-fuss nursing. Need to breastfeed on the go? No problem. You can nurse your baby in the carrier and no one will know (unless you brag about it).
  • More involvement. Have older kids too? Baby carriers allow you to interact with them the way you want to while still tending to baby.
  • Built-in exercise. Babywearing encourages you to get out and exercise with your little one.
  • Closer communication. With your baby so close, you’ll be tuned in to his facial expressions and gestures. You’ll understand what he’s saying long before he ever says a word.

ED9A4355Boba Wrap
The Boba Wrap’s high-quality fabric (heavy-weight cotton with a touch of Spandex for stretch) doesn’t sag like other baby wraps. That means no more guesswork when tying your wrap. Simply put it on following our easy instructions, and put your baby in. The fabric will mold to your baby’s shape. You can even leave it on all day, taking baby in and out without retying. Plus, the resilient fabric provides more support for little heads and necks—and a snugger fit. Parents will feel the difference too. Boba Wrap’s wide straps evenly distribute baby’s weight over both shoulders, preventing aches and pains. There is no more simple and natural way to keep your baby close.

Boba Carrier
The Boba Carrier 4G is not just another baby carrier. Its thoughtful design makes babywearing more convenient, comfortable, and ergonomically correct than ever before. With a dozen bonus features—including an integrated infant insert, an adjustable sleeping hood, and detachable foot straps to support toddlers’ hips and knees—the 4G grows with your child. It’s also infinitely adjustable, fitting parents of all shapes and sizes.

Boba Air gives a whole new meaning to babywearing on the go. Fold it into its self-contained zipper pouch, and the Boba Air is small enough to keep in your diaper bag or glove compartment. You’ll never believe an 11-ounce carrier can be so comfortable and supportive!