Your Perfect Mother’s Day

by Bunmion May 06,2014 in Holidays


Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11th. Most of us can expect a sweet breakfast in bed, homemade card or three, flowers, and lots of hugs and kisses. Motherhood is a challenge every day and while we don’t need these things, it’s nice to be appreciated in a tangible way. Mother’s Day also teaches children […]

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7 Weird Early Signs of Pregnancy

by Bunmion May 05,2014 in Family JourneyJust For FunNatural Parenting Style


Everyone knows how hard it is to endure the dreaded two week wait: the time between conception and taking a home pregnancy test. Before you see two little lines or get a confirmation from your doctor or midwife, those 14 days can feel like an eternity! Here are 7 lesser-known early pregnancy symptoms that may […]

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Three Tutorials For Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

by Bunmion April 20,2014 in Family JourneyHealth and WellnessHolidaysJust For FunNatural Parenting Style


Happy Easter! Most of us who celebrate this holiday grew up hunting through bushes and our homes for decorated eggs. It was always so much fun to imagine the Easter bunny leaving goodies for us.

Now that we’re parents ourselves and know that the food coloring traditionally used to dye eggs isn’t the best option and we find ourselves at a crossroads.

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Five Pros And Cons To Having A Large Family

by Jillon April 17,2014 in Parenthood

Having a Large Family

    I’ve been thinking a lot about large family dynamics. With four naturally spaced kids, the age difference gets pretty spread out between the oldest and youngest. Even though two children is seen as average (in some places it is even looked down upon to have more than two), in my circle of friends, […]

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Please, Thank you and What Really Matters

by Nicholeon April 15,2014 in Child DevelopmentDisciplineGrowthParenthood

please_thank you

  You know the drill. A well-intended adult dangling a desired object just out of your child’s grasp, and with a flash of a smile and saccharin-sweet voice, “Now what’s the magic word?”  If the magic is word is offered up quickly,  situations like these are relatively painless, but they also leave the impression of […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned from Becoming an Expat Mother In Chile

by Heatheron April 09,2014 in Family JourneyNatural Parenting StyleTravelUncategorized

Heather Family

    Last week, I wrote about building mama confidence. A big reason this topic has proved important to me is that I became a mother in a foreign country where my confidence has been especially put to the test. Without my tried and true tribe, and family nearby, I’ve had to navigate some tough […]

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Five Cough Remedies You Might Not Know About

by Bunmion April 04,2014 in Health and WellnessNatural Parenting StyleParenthood


It’s that time of year again. Each year as winter melts into spring at least one of my three children will develop a cough. Not just any cough, the kind that keeps them up through the night. The thick liquid cough remedies of our childhood are no longer recommended so I’ve polled friends and experts […]

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Five Ways To Build Your Confidence As a New Mom

by Heatheron April 02,2014 in Family JourneyMommy CareParenthood


Do you want to get emotionally pushed around at every slant eye in-law stranger online meanie comment that gets thrown your way the first year? Of course you don’t! Want to be a strong, confident, believe-in-yourself mom who puts happy before perfect-in-eveyone-else’s eyes? Why, yes ma’am, I believe you do. I did, too. I just didn’t […]

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Autism On The Rise: 1 in 68 Children Diagnosed: The Internet Fallout

by Bunmion March 28,2014 in Natural Parenting StyleParenthood


The rate of autism is increasing, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention office in a report released yesterday. In 2012, 1 in every 88 children was diagnosed with autism. HuffPost Parents reported: According to the new report, among 8-year-olds living in one of 11 CDC surveillance areas across the country in 2010, roughly […]

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What DOES a Stay At Home Mom Do All Day?

by Bunmion March 26,2014 in Parenthood


We live in a society that is quick to equate the contributions of an individual to their net worth. When “success” is measured in dollars, it’s no wonder that stay-at-home parents (we can’t leave dads out of the equation) often feel as if they need to justify their daily agenda to family, friends, even strangers. […]

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