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“With my first two children I had the typical front-pack baby carriers, and although the babies liked them, I found them very uncomfortable and could not wear them much. With my second child I also tried making a ring-type sling, which I not only found uncomfortable, my son hated being in! When I had my third child four months ago, I was given a Boba Baby Wrap and it has made things so much easier! Rosemary was happy as long as she was being held, but I wasn’t getting anything done.Now I can do my housework, use the computer, and do my knitting, all while Rosemary is contentedly snuggled against me. It’s much easier to maneuver in crowded public places with a Boba Baby Wrap rather than the stroller. Rosemary is an extremely contented baby who rarely cries and smiles at everyone. I wish I had had one for my two boys. As a plus-size mom, I’ve found it much more comfortable than any other carrier I’ve tried. I’m probably going to buy another wrap so that I can have one to wear her in while the other is in the wash!” -Amy Van S., USA (Feb 25th, 2008 -Online Contact Us Form)