by Lesleyon December 17,2010 in Uncategorized

“I wanted to send some pictures of my sons and me on a recent hike, where we used the Boba Carrier.  The thing I LOVE about the Boba is that I can carry both my 2 year old and 4 year old with equal ease.  I’ve always loved wearing my kids, but being a person with a small frame, I would find myself in pain after an hour.  Now I can carry either of my boys for long periods of time with the Boba, pain free! This carrier has also helped tremendously with the bonding process, since my sons were both adopted as older infants.  Missing the first several months of their lives, I knew how important it was to be physically close to them to assist with attachment. I’ve been able to wear them in the Boba while doing chores around the house, or outside running errands.  I know that this has assisted all of us in their transition to our family. This is the 5th carrier I’ve purchases, and I haven’t found any other that has been so comfortable.” -Christine L. (December 17, 2010 – Email)