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“I luckily came across you product online and am thrilled with it. I had purchased a sling before our girl was born and was happy that I had it, the only problem is that now that our girl is here (currently she is 6.5 weeks) I have found that the sling does not work for her if she is awake. She is very alert and loves to look around at what we are doing and not be hidden away in the sling. In fact she gets VERY upset if I try to put her in the sling if she is up and alert. The greatest aspect for me with the Boba Baby Wrap is that she can be awake, looking around as much as she wants, I can do the chores around the property that I need to get done and when she gets tired she can just go ahead and rack out!!! It has made both of us very happy and made our lives so much easier and enjoyable! It has also eased the strain on my back (whewwww!!) Thank you so much for making a great product and keeping it affordable!! As a new mom, I don’t ever want to be without our Boba Baby Wrap!! My husband can’t wait until she is bigger so we can try it reverse with her piggyback style!! -Cara A., Hotchkiss, Colorado (August 8th, 2008 -Online Review Form)