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“The Boba Baby Wrap is truly a wonderful staple. I knew from day one that I wanted to practice attachment parenting and this wrap really allows you to achieve this. I had originally bought a carrier (which I called a carrying case- as it was like carrying around cargo) very uncomfortable for both myself and my son. Once he got to be 18 lbs I just couldn’t handle it nor could my back. I saw the pictures on this site and knew this is what I needed. I now bring my son to work and this is great for when he needs to go to sleep. I wrap him in it and he’s out like a light. He loves it when he’s in a mellow mood. He gets a little upset when he doesn’t want to sleep because being so warm and cozy puts him right to sleep and he knows it. But one of the greatest aspects is that my back is thanking me for purchasing this wrap. So comfortable and cozy for me too. Also, my husband recently tried it for the first time and our son feel asleep in it with him. He normally would cry for me and once I held him fall asleep. It made my husband so happy and he kept saying, “Look honey look” It was a great bonding experience for them both. Anyway, I love this wrap and it is a must for any new mom or really any parent with a child who still is held for long periods of time. My son weighs 21 lbs and growing and every where I go people are asking sometimes begging me to tell them where I got this wrap. Thank you Boba Baby Wrap” -Jessica K., Florida (Nov 8th, 2007 -Online Review Form)