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“I just got my Boba Baby Wrap yesterday and I LOVE it already!!! They shipped it really fast I was so surprised to get it so soon! My daughter is 2 months old and was crying yesterday and let me tell you she is a VERY fussy baby, just a few seconds after I got her in the Boba Baby Wrap she was asleep! It really was very easy to do and I got it right the first time. I had bought a peanut shell before she was born and was only able to use it a few times right after she was born. As she got bigger she HATED it. I had seen the Boba Baby Wrap advertised on tv and checked out this website and decided to sale my peanut shell and get a Boba Baby Wrap and it was the best thing I have done!!! And another thing is the Boba Baby Wrap looks really nice too! I cant wait to go out wearing my daughter in my Boba Baby Wrap!”
-Kayla D., Franklin, Louisiana (July 31st, 2008 -Review Form)