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” oh my gosh!! I got the BEST information from you. I sent you a preliminary email, asking questions of your product, thinking I would get an automated response telling me to call some number. to my surprise, I got a REAL email back..and FAST too. being a busy mom, I need 4 hands to do all I have to do, I HAVE made slings at home, and even a wrap too. the sling made me feel lop-sided and the wrap sagged too much when you wore it for a while. so I was really apprehensive about buying it. (my FIRST online order!). It was a three day weekend..and I ordered it late on Saturday night too.. thinking I might not get it till the following Saturday, due to the holiday weekend and the processing time.. nope!! I got it thursday!! I put my daughter, who is a very alert baby, who does not like to miss a THING. she cuddled up and started to WHINE, I was so upset thinking she did not like it.. (laughs) she was whining cause she got tired and did not want to sleep yet!!! I am a VERY plus sized woman and this thing is a DREAM come true! I wish they made more clothes in my size in this material. ohhh so soft and cuddly, I love it.. it did not bind or pinch me.. and didn’t even slide into those little creases in my fat rolls! I know I got those.. and a lot of women have them too) . and it kinds hid a lot of the baby belly I still have, which is a SUPER bonus for me as well. I am blogging on my three web-blog sites to rave about this product. I called all my relatives too. this is a GREAT gift to give someone.and cost LESS than going to buy an outfit (everyone buys baby clothes) and it is something they will not quickly outgrow too!! I am so proud to wear this to show everyone that even in this day in age, we can STILL hold true to traditions of babywearing(native american indian). so I hope that I get the word out there in cyber space for all my friends and blog viewers can pass this along to everyone they know. I am SO glad I stumbled across this site late one sleepless night. thanks SO much!! P.S. I also found that it works as a great bundler too!! this is quickly becoming a comfort item for my baby!! I could SO hug you for this. thanks so much!! I will keep you posted on her and this show people that it DOES keep working. HUGZZ again!” -Brandy H., Ohio (Feb 22nd, 2008 -Online Review Form)