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“Hello. I emailed a few weeks ago about using the Boba Baby Wrap to wear baby on your back, and I watched the online video with the link you sent, and ended up buying one from you. To be honest, I did not plan to ever have babies, and I hate all the baby paraphernalia, and I swore I’d never wear a sling, yuck. But I started to panic because I’m about to go to Thailand for 2 months, just me and my baby, and she’s nearly 8 months old now, and I have severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine) so I always have back pain anyway, and how the hell am I going to carry this baby around? A stroller is completely impractical in Bangkok, for a million reasons, and the carriers I’ve tried out KILL my back. Yes, panic. I researched and researched and ended up taking a chance on you, frankly mainly because of price and the back-wearing option. I got it 3 days ago and I’ve practiced wearing the Boba Baby Wrap a few times now and O God I love it. I wear her on my back and I can’t feel her weight at all. I think it’s because you wrap and arrange and tie it according to your own body so it’s completely personalised – my shoulders are all crooked but this just molds to my body and distributes the pressure perfectly. I’ve tried front-wearing her a few times too, even though that puts more stress on my back, but it’s so nice to have the option to carry her there hands-free. Thank you, so so much!” -Kelly P., Blaxland, NSW, Australia (June 8th, 2008 -Email)