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“I just wanted to write to say, wow! My son and I will never leave home without our Boba Baby Wrap again! It’s an absolute lifesaver and the hands down best carrier we’ve tried. I’m the type of gal that does her research to find out what’s best for me any my family, and when it came time to buy a new carrier for my son I kept coming back to the Boba Baby Wrap. Boy am I glad I did! It just looked more comfortable than any other, and the pictures were right. Everywhere we go people stop to ask about it, and I sing your praises to them all. I make sure to tell them no other wrap, sling, or backpack can measure up to the Boba Baby Wrap. I’ll be buying one for all future baby showers. Thanks again! P.S. Another thing that works great for me, I live in a small town and when I am running errands, I am getting in and out of the car several times with my son. The car seat is too heavy to carry around, if I hold him I am down to one arm, and other carriers take time to put on and get Nathan positioned in them. I like that I can keep wearing my Boba Baby Wrap while I am driving and just slide him in when we get where we are going. It makes my life so much easier! So again, thanks a million.” -Amanda F., USA (August 4th, 2008 -Feedback Form)