by bradon March 09,2012 in

I wanted to write to you because I wanted you to know just how amazing I think your Sleepy Wrap is. See, my second son, Charlie, was born very prematurely at 28 weeks (on May 17, 2010) and he spent 70 days in the NICU. I was insistent on breastfeeding him every 3 hours and establishing that routine very early and I also spent hours upon hours “wearing” him on my bare chest during kangaroo care. I needed to wear Charlie once we were home-I needed him to stay close to me, to move with me and feel my breathing and hear my voice-to make up for that time lost when he should have been inside of me. So, I found your wrap. And I fell in love. I tried it on while he was still in the NICU, a day before he was discharged. He fit so snuggly in it. He was perfectly content in there. And I wore him NONSTOP for months after his homecoming. A month after NICU discharge, he caught a summer cold from my then 2 year old, Sam. Charlie became very sick and my husband and I actually discovered that he wasn’t breathing at our house and he was immediately intubated and placed on the ventilator for viral pneumonia. The 10 days he spent in the pediatric ICU were horrifying. However, after he was stabilized (by God’s grace), I wore him every chance I got. I continued to wear Charlie once we were home again-on walks, doing housework, cooking dinner, etc. He was a part of me. I firmly believe that the vestibular strength and advanced physical development he had gained are because I wore him in your wrap. I want you to know that wearing my baby, my preemie baby boy, helped him tremendously. - Meaghan T. (March 6th, 2012 – Email)