by Lesleyon October 01,2010 in Uncategorized

Julia and I LOVE our Boba Wrap and I recommend it all the time in person and on discussion forums.  On our weekly grocery store trips, we always get stopped by people.  Usually, it’s older moms/grandmothers who say, “I wish we had something like that when my kids were little.  That looks so comfortable!” We were also able to use it at our out of state family reunion when she was 7 weeks old.  It was fantastic being hands-free and let her sleep while I visited and socialized.  I also was able to wear her some during our recent Disney weekend. I wore her in the queues and on the attractions which made it very convenient.  One evening while we were in the park, it started to rain and since I was wearing her, I was able to slip my rain jacket on, tuck her head in the Boba Wrap, and she stayed dry during my dash for cover.” -Andrea B. (October 1st, 2010 – Email)