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“Just wanted to say we got out Boba Baby Wrap yesterday and we love it already! I used Hotslings with our toddler Ruby & she loved them so I kept them to use with our new daughter, Cora. Unfortunately, she detested being in the sling – I think it felt to confining for her. She has Down Syndrome and low muscle tone, so I think she sort of just collapsed on herself inside the sling. But - your wrap is great for her. It gives her plenty of support, and in it she is able to look around her & enjoy the sights and sounds. The Boba Baby Wrap was recommended to me by another mom I met who had a child with ‘special needs’. She was so pleased with how her little girl responded to being wrapped, I thought why not? I’m so glad I bought one – my husband & I are looking forward to long walks with our toddler in her wagon and Cora nestled next to me! Thanks so much!” -Hettie Hueber, Fort Collins, Colorado (August 1st, 2008 -Online Contact Form)