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“I received my Boba Baby Wrap a week after it was ordered. My newborn wanted to be held all day long, which did not let me get anything done around the house (even though it was wonderful holding him). I was searching for a solution and came across Boba Baby Wrap, I have never ordered anything online before so I was nervous but gave it a chance. I absolutely love it! As soon as it came in the mail I used the instruction booklet to tie it, and within minutes my baby was sleeping (literally) and I could eat dinner, clear the table, do the dishes all within the first half hour of wearing it for the first time. Now, I go for walks with him in it, go to the baseball park, clean the house, do laundry…anything. He has fallen asleep every single time in it. It is also really nice to protect him against the wind when we are outside, because he is all snuggled in there. Maksim is now three months old and we use it almost daily. It is wonderful!!!” -Carmelle F., Winkler, MB, Canada (June 2nd, 2008 -Online Review Form