by Lesleyon March 02,2010 in Uncategorized

I have had such a great time carrying my daughter in the Boba Baby Wrap and still do in the Boba, and we will be carrying our son (due in July) as much as possible too. Our daughter was born early and very ill, so it was great being able to stay connected with her, and we have continued that connection her whole 14 months so far. My mother thinks that the reason Siri is so confident and happy communicating with everyone around her is because she has always been on eye level with everyone, able to decide in a safe environment who to respond to – rather than no choice with faces shoved into a pram. Hopefully our boy will stay in till at least 37 weeks this time and be born at full health! I am already looking forward to carrying him in the same amazing way I was able to carry Siri. We have bought Boba Baby Wraps for friends and they also adore them. Many thanks or such an amazing product.” -Elizabeth K., Norway (March 2nd, 2010 -Email)