by Lesleyon October 01,2010 in Uncategorized

“I actually bought the Boba Baby Wrap for my best friend, for her second child.  We both baby wore with our sons, and I knew she would want to again.  She says that the Boba Baby Wrap is, by far, the best carrier she has used.  Baby Reagan falls asleep within minutes of being put into it.  She loves the flexibility of the stretchy fabric in comparison to many other brands (and trust me, we have used most of them).  She has told me on many occasions that this wrap has really helped her transition from a mommy of one, to a mommy of two because of the versatility and freedom it allows as she tries to focus on both children.  When I am ready for another baby myself, I know where my first purchase will be made.  Thank you so much.” -Amber S. (October 1st, 2010 – Email)