by Lesleyon May 28,2008 in Uncategorized

“Hello to everyone at Boba Baby Wrap – this thing is amazing! I have loved it completely!! I wish I had owned one for my first child – it sure makes things a lot easier. With my wrap on, I can chase after my busy toddler, tidy up the house, take a walk to the park, go shopping, prepare meals and even do dishes. My daughter loves it too – I put the baby in and she falls asleep instantly. She was only five days old the first time I used it, and it’s been absolutely fabulous! I had a C-section, and the wrap doesn’t bother my incision or make me sore at all. I had a different kind of sling with my first child, and it killed my back and shoulders so I rarely used it. I have worn the Boba Baby Wrap with my now three week old in it for nearly four hours straight with absolutely no soreness or problems! And she slept peacefully the whole time! I’ve been wearing it to church, and I can take her to the back and nurse her under the wrap discreetly without having to miss any of the service. People are always asking me about it. I’ve been singing its praises to everyone I meet, and I’ve told all my pregnant friends. Every time I see a new mom struggling with a clunky infant carrier/carseat, I think, “She needs a Boba Baby Wrap!” Thanks for such a great product!!” -Laura A., Farmington, New Mexico (May 28th, 2008 -Feedback Form)