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“I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic product. Finally something that works the way it is supposed to! I couldn’t believe that I ordered my wrap on a Thursday and had it delivered Monday. Also the price of the wrap was so great. My baby is 3 months old and since she was born I kept trying her in different ring slings and she hated them. The first time I put her in her Boba Baby Wrap, she was so happy to be up and able to see everything and best of all, it felt good for me, too and I was able to make dinner in it. I can’t believe how comfortable it is to wear, even in the heat of Texas summers! I get so many comments on it. You should send business cards with the wraps so we can pass them out! My friend is having a baby this October and I have already promised her a Boba Baby Wrap. Thanks again!” -Sarah S., Gatesville, Texas