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“Hi There! I just got the Boba Baby Wrap in the mail today and I immediately tried it out with my baby. She is one and a half months old and any time I lay her down to sleep, most of the time she would wake up and cry. I tried a baby sling carrier, a boppy, a baby swing, even set her in the baby car seat when she would fall asleep, hoping that she could nap long enough so i could do my tasks around the house. None of them gave me results like this. I still have the Boba Baby Wrap on with her in it and she went immediately to sleep. I had felt like either I spoiled her with holding her so much or she just loves that closeness and warmth of being next to me. I feel like I can have both of carrying my child and be hands free to carry tasks that I need to do at home or take a walk with my preschooler, worry free. Thank you! I love the product and am so glad to have come across your website. I’m telling everyone I know about it! Best, Julia :) ” -Julia S., Ellsworth, South Dakota