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“I’m enclosing the photo of her youngest big brother “Trying out baby sister’s baby carrier” He agreed to let me practice on him. He looks comfortable and I’m sure will get plenty of turns as he still enjoys being in the baby carrier especially if Grammie is around and he is tired. A Grammie can never say no to a request to snuggle with the grandbabies and grandtoddlers.Your Boba Baby Wrap is sure comfortable and does not pinch my shoulder!!!!! Thank you so much for coming up with a wonderful product that will allow me to hold my grandchildren until they reach maximum weight (and be comfortable w/o pressure points….I used to endure the pain of a pinch on my nerve just to have that intimate time with them before they out grow the desire to be carried! I’m so grateful I noticed one of your happy customers and stopped to ask about your product….she was a mother of four who had tried many different types of baby carriers and said unfortunately she only found the Boba Baby Wrap with this 4th child but it was her all time favorite!!!! That was testimony enough for me! May God continue to bless you and your families and business for sharing with others and for your generous spirit as well! -Kathy (Grammie), Lutz, Florida (August 6th, 2008 -Email) PS I think this is a product every grand parent should have for themselves….it is such a pleasure to have that time with the little ones and not worry about the strength of your arms tiring. It allows you to give the parents a refreshing break and you get the best memories and special bonding with your grand babies …and grand toddlers.. only my oldest grandson who is now 7 I can’t carry, but we have the best memories for the first four years of his life!!