How To Teach Your Child a Second Language You Don’t Know

by Bunmion October 27,2011 in Child DevelopmentFamily JourneyLearningTravel

When I first moved to Montréal two years ago I had experience with French; I studied it in college, my dad speaks it as do many of my friends. But being thrown into a society where the first language is not your own is a whole different story. Something as simple as getting a driver’s license […]

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Exploring Expat Family Blogs

by Bunmion September 15,2011 in Family JourneyMommy BloggersMoms Who Inspire

I used to have dreams of picking up from my life in north Orange County, California and moving to Montreal, Quebec. I’d visited the city for the first time in 2006 and immediately fell in love. Somewhere between the diversity, delicious French pastries, Chinatown, and not being able to walk two feet without running into […]

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Camping With a Baby – Family Memories in the Making

by Abbyon August 21,2011 in Family JourneyParenthoodTravel

A while back I happened across an article that, in all honesty, gave me a bit of a giggle but also set me on a personal mission to prove it wrong. The article, focused on the do’s and don’ts of family travel, was certainly on a lighter note, but seemed to imply (at least in […]

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