What I’m in Love With: Pinterest

by Bunmion September 29,2011 in Just For Fun

Every few months a new website launches that sets Facebook aflame and Twitter a-flutter with people saying it’s the next big thing. When I started seeing Pinterest hashtags on Twitter (#pinterest), I ignored the new www.darling and stayed neutral until one evening after the kids were in bed my curiosity got the best of me. […]

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Top 10 Signs That You’re Addicted to the Internet

by Bunmion September 01,2011 in Family JourneyParenthood

I’m addicted to the Internet. My daily vices include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Mashable, and a list of blogs too long to list. A twelve step program may exist for people like me but we’re too busy using the Google machine to bother with that. You too may have an addiction to the world wide web. […]

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