Adventures in Babywearing: Family Hiking and Backpacking

by Nicholeon September 05,2012 in Adventures In BabywearingBaby CarrierBaby_WearingHolidaysJust For FunParenthoodTravel

  Hiking and backpacking as a family is great way to get into varied terrain and wild places that are protected from life’s modern day trappings. Look for destinations that have natural features that appeal to you. I choose trails that weave along lakes and streams. My husband looks for routes with elevation gain. Wherever […]

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Camping With a Baby – Family Memories in the Making

by Abbyon August 21,2011 in Family JourneyParenthoodTravel

A while back I happened across an article that, in all honesty, gave me a bit of a giggle but also set me on a personal mission to prove it wrong. The article, focused on the do’s and don’ts of family travel, was certainly on a lighter note, but seemed to imply (at least in […]

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