As of yet there are no official safety standards for soft baby carriers. To ensure safety for your child, we have conducted certain tests on the Boba to ensure that your baby carrier will provide safe and appropriate support for you and your baby.

The Boba has been stress tested at 60 lbs. We only recommend the holds listed on our Instructions page. The Boba is not intended to carry your baby facing out.

Points to Remember

  • Our baby carrier is only intended to help you to carry your baby and should not be used for any other purpose. The baby carrier is also not a safety device on its own, but meant to assist you. You are responsible for the safety of your child while he or she is in the carrier.
  • Always inspect the carrier carefully before each use. Make sure that the fabric is in good shape and does not have any holes. With proper care, our baby carrier should last as long as a good pair of jeans.
  • Put your arm around your baby when you feel it is necessary for added security. Always support your baby while adjusting the fit. Don’t let go of your baby until the baby carrier is properly buckled and adjusted.
  • If your baby is moving around a lot in the carrier or stretching his legs out straight like a board please support him and take him out of the baby carrier.
  • The baby carrier is not meant to replace your car seat. Never drive or carry your baby in the baby carrier while in a moving vehicle. Please do not use it while cycling, skating, swimming, skiing or while partaking in any other sports activity.
  • Support your baby with your arms when leaning or bending over. Always bend at your knees.
  • If you are wearing your child while cooking, shopping, sweeping the floor or for any other everyday activities, please pay attention to things that your child could reach out and touch. Be aware of objects that are hot or sharp or any other things around you that could fall or pose a threat to your baby.
  • Be cautious when eating hot food or consuming hot beverages when your baby is in the carrier.
  • When loading for a back carry, your baby should always be supported by one hand.
  • Double check to see if any fabric has bunched up (especially when your baby is dressed in extra clothing or bulky coats) and that the fabric body of the carrier extends to at least the upper back.
  • Make sure to hear the waist buckle click and test to see if it is secure.
  • Remember to undo the foot straps before taking your baby out of the carrier.
  • The carrier is not intended to be used while in the water, or while biking, or any other sport activities.

After reading all of these guidelines, we kindly remind you, once again, to use common sense and your best judgment when it comes to keeping your baby safe and secure. Boba Inc. will not be responsible for accidents arising from improper use of the Boba Carrier.

The safest baby is with her alert, loving, intuitive mother- right next to her!

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