The new Boba Pack is designed to attach directly to your Boba Carrier 3G using one of two options: Using the two buckle straps on either side of your Boba Pack, wrap around the shoulder straps of your Boba Carrier and secure. Be sure your Boba Pack is facing outwards to maintain accessibility: Boba Pack Straps Using these same straps, you may connect your Boba Pack to almost all baby carriers and strollers. The second option is to use the Boba Pack as a regular messenger bag by attaching the shoulder strap included with your pack. The shoulder strap easily attaches to the two rings located on either side of your Boba Pack. For added comfort, use the shoulder strap holders on your Boba Carrier 3G to help keep your carrier securely in place.
Shoulder Strap Holder
Sholder Strap Holder on the Boba Carrier 3G
Boba Pack As a Messenger Bag
Use your Boba Pack as a Messenger Bag