Unfold the wrap and find the Boba Wrap logo at the center. With the logo facing outward over your navel, bring the outstretched fabric behind your back.


Cross the two pieces behind your back. Bring each side up and over your shoulders to the front while keeping the fabric stretched. Try to keep the fabric flat so it doesn’t twist.


Take both pieces in one hand and tuck them under the section with the label on it while keeping the tension.


Pull down. The label piece will rise to your chest and should be adjusted to fit snug and cling to your body.


Cross the pieces and bring them around your waist behind your back. Make sure that the pieces cross each other high on your chest area. Your sternum is a good reference point. There is no need to leave any extra space for your baby.


Cross the wrap behind your back and if there is enough fabric bring it back to the front. You can tie a double knot behind your back, in the front or on your hip.