If your baby is under 5 lbs (2.5kg), please discuss proper Kangaroo Care in the Infant Hold with your Physician first and read the enclosed Safety Brochure before using the Boba Wrap! Also, please read the Safety Guidelines on our website here: Boba Wrap Safety IMPORTANT: All babies MUST be carried in an upright, completely vertical position, facing the wearer (ABSOLUTELY NO CRADLE OR OTHER HORIZONTAL POSITIONS. NEVER FACE YOUR BABY FORWARD).
Take the shoulder piece that is closer to your chest and pull it away from your body. Make sure the wrap is clinging to your body.
Slide your baby down your chest and into the shoulder piece. Do not separate your baby’s legs. Leave them tucked in the frog position/fetal tuck, and spread the fabric wide over your baby’s entire body.
Securely hold your baby and spread the other shoulder piece over your baby’s body.
Pull the logo piece up and over your baby’s bottom and to the back of your baby’s neck.