The shoulder pieces crossed in front of your body should be clinging to you, so that when you pull them they bounce back against your chest. You should have to pull the shoulder pieces away from your body to get your baby inside.

When you cross the two pieces of fabric to create the “X” that supports your baby, the pieces should cross each other above your sternum. The higher the “X” is, the higher your baby will be carried. When your baby falls asleep, you can tuck his or her head under the stretchy cotton fabric. Just be sure the fabric is not covering your baby’s face and that your baby has an open airway.

When babies don’t want to be held in the Newborn Hold anymore they usually let you know
by stretching their legs. All babies are different. Listen to their cues.

Boba Wrap is essentially a long piece of fabric with no buckles or other attachments that can break or come undone. So the biggest safety concerns are not tying the wrap tight enough or tying it wrong. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Please follow all instructions and refer to the Babywearing Safety Manual included in the box for more.