Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-1 Fasten and adjust waist buckle at your back. If your baby is 7-10lbs, snap the Boba Insert together to form the ball shape. If your baby is 10-15lbs, you can leave the Boba Insert unsnapped.
Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-2 Bring both hands behind your neck and fasten chest strap.
Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-3 Adjust both shoulder straps so that you can comfortably insert your baby. Leave some room to adjust the straps after your baby has been placed in the carrier.
Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-4 Take your baby with both hands and carefully slide your baby inside the carrier. Your baby must be facing you. Never place your baby facing forward. Your baby should be seated on the Boba Insert with the legs inside the carrier.
Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-5 If your baby is 7-10lbs, his or her legs should be in the fetal tuck around the Boba Insert. 
If your baby’s head is half way out of the carrier, then you can use Boba Insert Position #2 (10-15lbs).
Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-6 If your baby is 10-15lbs, please use Boba Insert Position #2. Your baby’s legs should be in an M position around the opened Boba Insert.
Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-7 Adjust the shoulder straps so that your baby is fully supported by the carrier. Please make sure to tighten the side adjustments to prevent your baby from slumping and to provide improved back support for your baby.
Boba_Carrier-Newborn-Instruction-8 If additional head support is needed, snap the hood across to the opposite shoulder strap. Your baby’s head should be resting on your chest and facing either left or right. Your baby’s nose should be, at the very least, parallel to the floor at all times. When your baby falls asleep his or her nose should be pointed higher. Please read the enclosed Babywearing Safety Manual to ensure your baby’s safety.