Boba Carrier 3G Footstrapsmaking the ride smoother and more enjoyable!
Starting around a year and a half or when your child hits two his/her legs will probably be long enough to use the straps. They are used much like stirrups except they may be adjusted using the different snap settings to fit your child’s feet. The important thing to remember is that your child’s feet should be parallel to the ground, and your child’s knee should be pulled up to at least his/her hip level and then the snaps should be adjusted accordingly. If the straps need to be adjusted, follow these few easy steps to ensure a comfortable ride:
  • Thread the strap through the plastic sliding piece and snap so that your child’s thighs are at least parallel to the ground. Please note that a minimum of two engaged snaps are needed for proper function.
  • The foot straps may be moved from front to back by sliding the plastic attachment piece along the cording as needed.

Feet should be parallel to the ground and the knee should be pulled up to at least hip level. The boy in the photo above is not in the proper position as his feet are pointed downwards. This could be resolved by tightening the strap. Adjusting the sliding rail so that it is closer to the wearer’s abdomen would also help bring his knees up to hip level. Begin using the foot straps when your child’s legs extend past the waist belt. Foot straps may be easily removed when not in use – simply release the snaps and slide the strap through the plastic adjustment piece completely. IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE THE PLASTIC ADJUSTMENT PIECE. THIS DISABLES THE FOOT STRAP SYSTEM AND MAKES THEM UNUSABLE.

Foot straps may be added at any time by pulling the snaps through the plastic adjustment piece, adjusting to the necessary size and securing a minimum of two snaps.

Important! Please remember to undo the snaps and first take your little one’s feet out of the footstraps before taking him/her out of the carrier.
Note: the foot strap sliding buckle may be difficult to adjust with brand new carriers. If so, use two hands until the straps break in a bit.