The Back Carry is designed for children between 20lbs to 45lbs (9kg – 20kg). If your little one is not yet 20lbs, please visit our Front Carry instruction page.
Place carrier on your back with shoulder straps on shoulders. Fasten waist belt in the front. Slide right strap off shoulder.
Holding baby securely on right hip, slide left hand between carrier and your body. Take hold of baby’s left foot and pull it through the carrier.
At the same time, bend forward to shift baby’s weight to your back.
Still bending forward, support baby with left hand while moving right hand through shoulder strap.
Adjust the strap and then stand up.
Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down on the adjustment straps if needed.
Fasten chest strap and secure. Chest strap should be at armpit level. You’re all set. Enjoy your Boba!
  *Foot straps are intended for use with shoes. Always undo Velcro on foot straps before removing your baby from the carrier.