There are plenty of reasons to share your love for Boba — happier parents, more connected babies … Well here’s another one: a gift card in your pocket.












If you know of a retailer you think should be carrying Boba products, let us know. And if they become a Boba retailer, we’ll send you a $50 Amex gift card. It’s that simple. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll let you know within 30 days whether the store has successfully signed up with Boba. If they have, you’re $50 richer.


Valid in the United States only. Only stores that are not currently Boba retailers and are not in the process of becoming retailers are eligible. The store must successfully sign up with Boba and order at least $250 in product within 30 days in order to be eligible. If you are a representative of a store that is interested in carrying Boba products, please contact or fill out an application here.