Video: San Antonio Living Producers Pick

For International Babywearing Week, San Antonio Living’s producer is a new mom and selected the Boba Carrier to feature for the segment. …view video >

JPMA Safety Certification

Boba Inc.’s Boba 2G Baby Carrier Receives JPMA Safety Certification – Assuring Parents the Baby Carrier Meets Strict Quality Standards Boulder, CO – March 25, 2010 – Boba Inc.’s Boba 2G baby carrier – – has received the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Certification in the soft infant carrier category. Founded in 1959, JPMA is […]

Boba, Inc. Redefines Baby Carriers with New Boba 2G – The First Baby Carrier Featuring Both Leg Support and Head Protection

The new Boba 2G is the first soft structured wearable baby carrier to feature both leg support and head protection for babies and toddlers weighing between 15 and 45 lbs. The new baby carrier has a removable sleeping hood that supports the child’s head and provides shade from sun and added protection from wind, heat, […]

Outside Magazine gives readers what they want – the perfect outdoor baby carrier!

Active Parents who want to take their kids along hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing have many choices in the category of kid carriers. A neat new option is the Boba Carrier from Nap Inc. The Boba, $99, is a “soft structured” carrier, meaning there is no frame for support. It is essentially a piece of rectangular fabric with foam shoulder straps and a waist belt. All the outer fabric is organic cotton. …read more > Best Picks

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they’re introduced to something so genius, so life-changing, that they simply can’t imagine how they mustered through life without it. And that something is a baby carrier. Whether it’s for closer baby bonding, hands-free convenience or an attachment parenting lifestyle, a baby carrier can be an essential baby product for the sleepless newborn days all the way through the heavy toddler years. …read more >

Video: Boba Organic Video did a video review of the Boba Organic Carrier. See why they think the Boba Carrier is a great baby carrier. …view video >

Gotta Get A Boba according to the Baby Love Slings blog review

Being somewhat of a babywearing aficionado, when I hear there is a new carrier on the scene I MUST try it out. Otherwise, I may always wonder if it is maybe that one perfect carrier that will meet all my carrier needs. So when I learned that my beloved Sleepy Wrap was coming out with a soft structured carrier, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Introducing, the Boba Carrier!! …read more >

Evergreen Moms Describe Boba as the “Comfy New Carrier for Bigger Kids”

I’ve raved before about the Sleepy Wrap, which I used constantly during my baby’s first several months and recommend all the time to new parents. So when the makers of the Sleepy Wrap asked if they could send me their new Boba carrier to try out, I immediately said, “Yes!” The Boba is a basic soft structured carrier (SSC), picking up where the Sleepy Wrap leaves off to hold children ages 1-4 years. …read more >

The Boulder Daily Camera helps celebrate the release of Boba, Inc’s Boba (Boulder Baby)

Boulder’s Angela Ortiz has no problem carrying her 2-year-old son while running errands, picking up the groceries or cooking dinner. She simply tucks her son, Simon Goodman-Ortiz, into a “Boba” which frees her hands and arms to do the rest of the things she needs to get done, she said. A Boba is a unique backpack-style baby carrier that straps on like a backpack or hangs around the caregivers stomach in order to provide a baby with a comfortable carrier and simultaneously freeing up the holders’ arms so that caregivers may multitask. …read more >

Denver Examiner discusses how Boba reduces stress on your child’s hips, legs and spine

Boulder based Nap, Inc has launched the new “Boba” baby carrier, the first backpack carrier to feature patent-pending foot straps, which allows the child’s legs to be held at a natural 90-degree angle, ensuring complete leg support and better alignment for little hips and spines. …read more >

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