Where are Boba products made?

All Boba Carriers and Wraps are manufactured with reputable companies located in China that adhere to strict labor laws. They also follow our strict policies regarding fair work ethics and are an integral part of the Boba Inc. family.

Can my baby face out in the Boba?

No, this carrier is not intended for forward facing. The Boba carrier is designed to comfortably carry babies in a physiological manner, oriented toward the carrying individual (either on the front or on the back) with baby’s legs supported in a flexed abducted (froglike) position.

What materials do you use for the Boba?

All the outer fabric, the panel and the batting used for the Boba Organic collection is 100% certified organic cotton. All organic cotton used meets or exceeds the Organic Exchange 100 and/or GOTS standards. We also use standard recyclable packaging. Boba Classic is made with the highest quality natural brushed cotton fabrics and 100% cotton batting.

Will the carrier fit both my husband and me?

The Boba carrier comes only in one size. It is designed to fit most parents between 5 and 6’3 feet tall for comfortable and safe baby wearing.

Is the Boba machine washable?

Yes. We recommend that you spot clean regularly. Machine wash on cold cycle with a mild detergent only when necessary. Air Dry.

Can I wear the Boba through pregnancy?

Moms do safely wear their carriers with no problem through pregnancy-some up until the end. Yet, some complain that the belt places pressure on the bladder. It all boils down to personal preference. Ask your doctor or midwife and use your intuition. A wrap may be a better alternative as the fabric can be spread wide and is more flexible and soft.

How does the Boba carrier stand up to framed backpacks?

The Boba is a soft structured carrier. There are no buttons, snaps, or poles. It is essentially made from a piece of rectangular fabric with foam shoulder straps and a foam waistbelt. Framed backpacks are bulky and although most do offer a great view for your little one, it throws the carrying individual’s center of gravity off as the weight distribution is shifted higher, more toward the upper back. The Boba carrier distributes the weight of your little one to your shoulders and waist. Most often framed backpacks don’t have much of a seat, and instead have leg holes. This means that most of your child’s weight is resting on the strip of fabric between the leg holes. The optimal leg support of the Boba, backed by the foot straps, ensures the proper seated position for the support of your little ones’ hips, pelvis and spine.

Will the carrier fit both my husband and me?

With stretchy baby wraps the fabric can be easily adjusted and pulled to the back of the knee to provide proper leg support. With soft structured carriers the seat of the carrier usually does reach the back of your infant’s knees for full support. Yet as your child grows, as the seat is not adjustable, the legs are supported less and less and the fabric no longer reaches the back side of your growing toddler’s knees. The added foot straps feature alleviates the uncomfortable feeling of fabric digging into the back of your toddler’s hamstrings. It gives tired legs a place to rest and at the same time acts to support the legs in the physiological flexed abducted position (froglike position) which in turn naturally tilts the pelvis and aligns the spine.