What positions can I use for your wrap and carrier?

We only recommend positions that are 100% ergonomic for both parent and child. The Boba Wrap is only recommended for use with the front carry (not forward facing) position. The Boba Carrier is recommended for both the front carry (not forward facing) position and the back carry position. The forward facing carry in any baby carrier places pressure on the pelvis and spine. When your baby is facing forwards with legs unsupported, the baby’s back is essentially arched instead of rounded. The center of gravity is different which makes the carrier tend to compensate when walking as well. Some sites that sell baby wraps and carriers advise you to only use this hold for a limited amount of time and that no developmental damage will occur if the baby is not placed in this position for hours on end. We can’t wholeheartedly recommend this position as we believe that any pressure on little developing hips and spines is undue.

What are the sizes of both the Boba Wrap and the Boba Carrier?

Both the Boba Wrap and the Boba Carrier are designed to fit most adults. The Boba Carrier has a waist belt that is 25 inches long and extends up to 58 inches. The shoulder straps are 20 inches and extend up to 40 inches long. The Boba Wrap is 5.5 yards long and is 19 inches wide.

Where are Boba products made?

All Boba Carriers and Wraps are manufactured with reputable companies located in China that adhere to strict labor laws. They also follow our strict policies regarding fair work ethics and are an integral part of the Boba Inc. family.