Is carrying my baby in the Boba Baby Wrap alright for my babies back?

Many of the hard baby carriers, when the baby is positioned with the legs unsupported and hanging down, place too much stress on the spine. Most doctors do not recommend this position for infants, especially not for more than a couple of hours at a time. The design of the Boba Baby Wrap ensures that there are no pressure points on your baby. Your baby’s legs, hips and spine are supported. There is no limited length of time that your baby may spend in the wrap. You may carry your baby all day long if you wish with no harm to your baby’s developing body.

I’m not a model shaped mom. Can I wear the Boba Baby Wrap comfortably? Will it fit me?

Boba Baby Wraps are definitely not only for model body type moms. The Boba Baby Wrap is 5.5 yards long which enables moms of all sizes to wear it – the only difference being the number of times you need to wrap it around your waist – either once, two or three times – with all of the options being as comfortable and secure. Ultimately, it’s a long piece of material that adjusts to your curves perfectly, no matter what body type you are. It distributes the weight equally across both of your shoulders and your whole back while carrying your baby. It makes a big difference on your back if you are carrying your baby on only one side or on two, if there are rings or no rings, and if the material is hard versus soft. It’s nice on your shoulders and on your chest because it doesn’t dig into you. It fits virtually everyone.

I have tried different kinds of slings, padded baby slings and unpadded baby slings, they all say that they support your back, but my back always ends up hurting at the end of the day. Is the Boba Baby Wrap really different?

Yes, baby wraps in general are different. They distribute the weight of your baby evenly. There are no shoulder straps or metal buckles, only wide, soft, sturdy fabric wrapped around your body. The Boba Baby Wrap should be wrapped tight to your body. It is not necessary to leave extra room for your baby. Wrapping it tight ensures that your baby will be carried high. Your baby’s head should be high on your chest. Making sure the wrap is not twisted or bunched up will also ensure ultimate comfort. Remember when tying the baby wrap to spread it wide over your baby’s bottom and wide over both of your shoulders. The special fabric of Boba Baby Wrap will conform perfectly your baby’s body. It truly is comfortable and great on your back without any extra padding! To compare baby wraps, baby slings and other baby carriers please visit our Compare Baby Carriers page.

What are the weight/age recommendations for these wraps?

We recommend 7-35lbs, however there are technically no weight restrictions since the design of the baby wrap equally distributes the weight of your baby so there are no pressure points on mom or baby. It has been tested at 45 pounds and showed no signs of stress or overuse. Keep in mind, that it is a stretchy wrap. It is ideal for the first year of life, but you may use it as long as you and your baby are comfortable. We do know of a happy mom who is still carrying her thirty five pound two year and three month old in her Boba Baby Wrap. (The picture is with a big five year old girl.)

How does your baby wrap compare to the other wraps?

Both the main competing brand and the Boba Baby Wrap are comfortable stretchy baby wraps and offer great support for carrying your little one around. They are both great on the carrier’s back as there are no pressure points on mom or baby. Both can be used from birth until toddler or as long as is comfortable for the both of you. No need to figure out how much room or slack to leave for your baby and no need to re-tie when using Boba Wrap! The main difference between the Boba Baby Wrap and the other baby wraps is in the fabric. The fabric of the Boba Baby Wrap is a heavier higher quality knit. With a greater density comes the benefits of durability, extra support, and security. It adjusts perfectly to your body with no bulges or wrinkles. The give in the fabric makes it easy to wrap so that it fits just right. There is no need to guess how much room you need to leave for your baby to fit inside for a secure fit. With other wraps it is easy to end up tying it too tight for the baby or too loose so that the baby sags. With the Boba Baby Wrap you simply tie the wrap snug against your body and no matter what body type you are, it will fit! The problem with other cotton wraps is that you have to know precisely how much room to leave for your baby to get it to fit decently. The material of other wraps is less dense than the Boba Baby Wrap, and there actually isn’t so much elasticity to it. It’s more a t-shirt kind of material that only stretches one way and bags out (like a stretched out t-shirt) after you take the baby out of the wrap, so you have to tighten it and retie it. The Boba Baby Wrap bounces back and clings to your body and your baby. Thanks to the great material, nursing your baby is not a hassle. There is no need to loosen the Boba Baby Wrap to position your baby to nurse. The material stretches easily over your chest area and your baby’s head to give you as much privacy as you need. It’s great for mothers practicing elimination communication as well, as you can take your baby out of the wrap and place her back in without a big ordeal. For mothers who have tried other wraps (especially woven wraps) tying the Boba Baby Wrap is a little different. Don’t hesitate to tie the fabric so that it actually stretches against your body. Remember that the material is actually intended to be stretched over your baby to provide extra support for the both of you.  

How wide is the Boba Baby Wrap?

The Boba Baby Wrap is 19 inches wide. It is made so that one size fits all.

Where else can I buy a Boba Baby Wrap?

Please visit our Store Locator for retail locations within the US, Canada and worldwide. Retailers please write to our wholesale department at for any additional information.

Where are your baby wraps made?

We started making our baby wraps in the US at first, but once the demand skyrocketed we had to find a more economical solution. Our baby wraps are still designed in the United States and are currently made in China under fair working conditions, which allows us to be competitive with the rest of the baby carrier industry, and to provide you with the very best value. No child labor is ever used to manufacture our product.

What fabric is Boba Baby Wrap made of?

The Boba Baby Wrap is a sturdy cotton knit called French Terry. It is 95% cotton with 5% spandex.

Will I spoil my baby by wearing him?

No. Quite the contrary. Carried babies feel secure and loved. Carried babies make confident babies. Research has shown that carried babies will become independent sooner and ask to be put down instead of to be picked up. Please visit our Benefits of Babywearing page for more information.
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