Boba Inc. is a group of dedicated people all working together to support babywearing, family travel, alternative learning, natural parenting, and other practices of secure bonding and attachment so that every parent can deepen their conscious understanding and appreciation of their relationship with their children. We recognize that there is no single formula to meet each particular child’s individual challenges and respect a mother’s innate ability to trust and know what is right for her own.

We support not-for-profit organizations that support

  • Natural childbirth, homebirth/unassisted birth, and midwifery
  • Doulas
  • Breastfeeding/Ecological Breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy Resource Centers
  • Attachment/Empathic/Intuitive parenting
  • Elimination Communication
  • Natural Fertility Awareness
  • Home/Natural/Unschooling and Alternative Education and Auto-Didacts
  • Adoption
  • Family Travel Resource Sites

Some of the organizations that we’ve supported:

Attachment Parenting International –

Babywearing International –

Breastfeeding Support Walk 2008 in New York

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières –

DONA -(Doula) International Conference –

Independent Doulas around the world

Inter-tribal Council of Arizona WIC Program – Phoenix AZ

Kazakhstan Orphanages

Le monde à ma hauteur, Paris, France

Les Porter Comme Un Charme – Nice, France

Little Company of Mary Hospital -WABA Breastfeeding Awareness Week

LLL (La Leche League) USA Emerald Sponsor –

LLL Local Office across the country

NICU (newborn intensive care unit) in Brest, France

No Mother Left Behind Oregon

Parenting Place Boulder, CO –

Protection Maternelle et Infantile, Institut de Puericulture et de Perinatalogie – Paris, France

The Natural Child Project –

Trust Birth Conference California

WIC Offices (20+ nationwide)

“The wraps arrived last Wednesday and I have already given out three. One to a mother whose baby, born three months premature, will be coming home this week. She is excited about being able to use the Boba Wrap to do skin-to-skin with her still tiny baby. One to a mother who will be attending college classes and hopes the Boba Wrap will enable her to keep her new born baby close even while she is in class. And one to a mother who will be returning to work soon and is glad to have a way to keep her baby close while she is at home, even as she does household chores. Thank you for your gracious donation to WIC and specifically to my WIC program!”

-Heidi DiBacco, Breastfeeding Coordinator, MYCAP WIC Ohio