Mission: To recognize and empower moms and families who are active ambassadors of Boba, and are enthusiastic, positive examples of life lived to the fullest, together.

Who are Boba Ambassadors?
Boba Ambassadors are inspired and vocal parents who believe in living life to the fullest with baby and family, and are positive examples of how freedom together brings joy, health and fulfillment to their lives and those they hold most dear.

Boba Ambassadors join conversations online and in their communities as ambassadors of the benefits of babywearing, natural parenting and Boba lifestyle products, as well as having the opportunity to have an influential voice in Boba product development, contests and events.

Ambassador candidates are invited by Boba to apply for the Ambassadors Program. They are selected for being role models, advocates and examples of the diverse and growing community of parents on the web and in local communities who embrace life fully with their children through natural parenting practices, babywearing, and more, and for the excitement, pride and positivity they demonstrate in their online communications.

Boba Ambassadors are recognized publicly in our blog, on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks, and on their own blogs and websites with Boba Ambassador seals . They receive a variety of fun and useful products and other helpful family-oriented appreciation gifts, and have an open, direct and influential line of communication with the Boba leadership team.

Boba empowers its ambassadors online and in their local communities. We equip our advocates with valuable information and educational tools, and offer them select sponsorship opportunities to participate in and host family events.

Boba Ambassadors, as key and respected members of Boba’s extended family, get a first-look at new products and designs, and help shape the direction and look of Boba Carriers, Wraps, and more to best support them in living life to the fullest as a family. Ambassadors also join the Boba team as super voters and guest judges for Boba contests and awards, and may be offered guest-blogging and syndication opportunities.

Application Process
The Boba Ambassador application process is invite-only and consideration is given to select friends of Boba. Invitees can apply here: Boba Ambassadors Application

If you wish to be considered for the program and have not been directly invited to do so, please feel free to direct message @Boba on Twitter regarding the program and we’ll be happy to stay in touch.