You Made Me A Mother

By Abby on January 30th 2014

Moms: Can you watch this without tearing up?
“Indeed, people are crying. When I posted the video on my own Facebook page, friends responded with comments such as “Nailed it,” “Sitting in the parking lot with tears streaming down my cheeks” and “I think this should come with an NSFW warning.” -Michelle Maltais, LA Times

This Ad Puts All The Emotional Truth Of Motherhood Into Words
“You may be able to watch this entire clip without realizing what it is an ad for. It is far more difficult to get through the thing without tearing up.” -Farah Miller, Huffington Post

This Ad Will Have You In Tears
“Whether it’s feeling a future baby’s kick, counting a newborn’s fingers and toes, or hearing a child say your name, the ad shares the moments that we cherish and the ones that make us moms.” -Leah Rocketto, PopSugarMoms