Will You Watch Dr. Nancy Salgueiro's Live Birth?

By Bunmi on October 11th 2011

You’ve probably watched “A Baby Story” on TLC at one time or another. This show follows pregnant women through their birth and the first few days of life with their new baby. A sweet as this sounds, I don’t recommend this show to expecting women as, like any television show, the emphasis is on intense drama. In this case, birth drama. Not to say that birth is “boring” but I find that shows like this tend to make what is a normal biological event into a fear-based spectacle.

One mom in Ottawa, Canada feels the same way I do and she’s willing to put her money, er, belly where her mouth is. Dr. Nancy Salgueiro is a birth coach and pregnant mother of two who will be sharing the birth of her third child with the entire world via the Internet.

Will I be watching? Of course!

Dr. Salgueiro shares her mission on her website:

“Birth used to be something that girls and young women were exposed to throughout their lives. They created a visual blueprint of how birth happens and how a woman transforms through labor and birth. When we took birth out of homes and moved it into the hospital we took away the generations of information handed down from one woman to the next. Birth became shrouded with secrecy and privacy.”

Here here! The mainstream media has been criticizing this mom for “oversharing” but the normalcy of birth has been downplayed by the same outlets who disagree with Dr. Salqueiro’s choices. There are those out there who feel like birth is too sacred to be broadcasted over the Internet. I agree that birth is a sacred, holy event which is why I’m ecstatic that this woman is choosing to share it being portrayed as such. Would I share my birth with millions of people live? Probably not, but if Dr. Salquerio is confident enough to and wants to inspire women through the birth of her third baby, more power to her.

I’m excited about tuning in and have my fingers crossed for a smooth delivery.

Visit her website to RSVP to the event: