What I'm Excited About: Ree Drummond's Food Network Show!

By Bunmi on September 8th 2011
Ree Drummond is a city girl turned rockstar blogger who warms the hearts and tummies of people all over the world. Her sweet and spicy writing style has inspired me for years. I’m just one of thousands of people who are excitedly anticipating Ree’s upcoming Food Network show! The series entitled, “The Pioneer Woman” goes live August 27th.

Ree Drummond

What is so amazing about Ree is that she never set out to be an author, blogger, homeschooler, rancher’s wife or television personality. She fell in love, moved from the city to the country, and shared her stories and recipes with the world. I love the Internet for the power it has to set passions on fire so that they can brighten the lives of others.

If you’ve never popped over to her blog, you’re missing out big time.


For a sneak peek of Ree’s show, click below.