Three Tutorials For Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

By Bunmi on April 20th 2014

Happy Easter! Most of us who celebrate this holiday grew up hunting through bushes and our homes for decorated eggs. It was always so much fun to imagine the Easter bunny leaving goodies for us.

Now that we're parents ourselves and know that the food coloring traditionally used to dye eggs isn't the best option and we find ourselves at a crossroads. Blogosphere to the rescue! Below are three websites with fantastic ideas for naturally dyed Easter eggs. Enjoy and have a wonderful day with your family! 

1. Kanelstrand


This mom, photographer and writer uses cranberry juice and turmeric to dye her eggs. The results are stunning!


2. The Kitchn

This website is chock full of fantastic ideas but these gorgeous Easter eggs dyed with kitchen scraps take the cake. The colors come from red onion skins and cabbage and your little ones are sure to go crazy for them.


3. Big Sis, Lil Sis

This blog run by two sisters hit it out of the park with their Easter egg tutorial. Not only did they make natural plant-based dyes, they printed their eggs using flowers! The results are spectacular.


How do you naturally-dye your Easter eggs?