Three "Nomadic" Family Blogs You'll Love

By Bunmi on February 28th 2012
On a recent episode of the popular television show “Up All Night” about a couple navigating through new parenthood, the topic of traveling with young children was tackled. The mom and dad were at a crossroads: were they going to give up traveling until their baby was up and out of the house, or would they dive in and go for it?

In the end they refused to live an adventure-less life and took baby on her first flight.

I can relate. It’s easy to think that once children are in the mix that you’re house-bound besides occasional trips to the grocery store, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are families who not only travel often with young children but LIVE a lifestyle in motion; constantly exploring the globe with their wee ones in tow! If you don’t know if you’re ready to sell all of your belongings and renew those passports just yet, you may be after taking a look at some nomadic family blogs. Below are a few of my favorites.

Three Nomadic Family Blogs You’ll Love

The Andersons: Hair in the Air

What do get when you cross a family of six with a dog, cat, fish, and an RV? Pure fun. They’ve been traveling since January 2011.

The Garrison Family

I love that this family of four (plus a dog and cat) define “home” by where their family is, not where a building or structure sits. They’re cruising all over the USA with no signs of stopping!

Soul Travelers

This quirky couple and their budding violinist daughter are trekking the world without fear. I love their insights and spirituality (not to mention the beautiful photos).

We’re living in exciting times. People aren’t obsessed with the status quo and are jumping on to the road less traveled. Imagine a childhood rich with experiences rather than possessions… how exciting is that?

Would you consider life on the road with your family? Why or why not?

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