What DOES a Stay At Home Mom Do All Day?

By Bunmi on March 26th 2014

We live in a society that is quick to equate the contributions of an individual to their net worth. When "success" is measured in dollars, it's no wonder that stay-at-home parents (we can't leave dads out of the equation) often feel as if they need to justify their daily agenda to family, friends, even strangers.

What do you DO all day?

How can you be home and the house is still a mess?

Do you just hang out and watch TV?

demotivationsahm photo credit: demotivation.us


Being a Stay-at-Home Parent rarely means you actually stay at home. Between errands, taking care of kids, cleaning, re-cleaning, by the end of the day I feel as I've been running a marathon.

Stay-at-home parents don't ask the rest of the workforce for a detailed itinerary of their day's accomplishments, but I've had more than one person drill me about what I'm up to during the week.

Do you ever feel as if you have to justify your position as a SAHP (Stay-at-Home Parent)?