Your Perfect Mother's Day

By Bunmi on May 6th 2014
mothersdayMother's Day is on Sunday, May 11th. Most of us can expect a sweet breakfast in bed, homemade card or three, flowers, and lots of hugs and kisses. Motherhood is a challenge every day and while we don't need these things, it's nice to be appreciated in a tangible way. Mother's Day also teaches children about expressing gratitude.

If you could design your Mother's Day from start to finish, what would it look like?

Mine would start after an 8-hour stretch of sleep. I'd have bacon and eggs in bed, no, at the table so there would no mess. My house would be spotless. The laundry would be 100% done and put away (hey, we're dreaming, right?), and the dishes would all be washed.

The first half of the day I'd spend in complete solitude, just enjoying my clean house. I'd do a bit of shopping, reading, and take a walk down the country roads next to my home. The second half of the day would be spent with my husband and kids. We'd take them to the park and just let them wear themselves out on the swings and jungle gym.

Dinner would be date night! My husband and I would go out to a Mexican restaurant where I'd end the night with margaritas.

Happy Mother's Day to me! Even if my Mother's Day is just a card and homemade gifts I'll still be happy. What makes this day special isn't what I'll receive, but the people who surround me with love each and every day.

Just For Fun: What would your ideal Mother's Day look like?