Mom Blogs: Finding Your Online Tribe

By Bunmi on August 25th 2011
On the surface, the world of mom bloggers seems like just a vast, endless sea of first-person online journal entries, giveaways, and product reviews by anonymous women often represented with animated avitars. To those of us who have delved deeper into this mysterious world and stayed submerged over time, it is clear that mom bloggers have joint-handedly changed how the modern woman mothers.

There was a time when people lived grouped by culture and philosopies- in some parts of the world, this is still the case. In the West, however, many of us make choices that are off the beaten path of our peers. We now have the freedom to live anywhere we choose and the priviledge to rub shoulders with people who live and think differently. This has its pros and cons: we have the opportunity to learn new ways of life but it’s also common for people to crave the support of like-minded individuals. This is where mom blogs save the day.

When I decided to have an unassisted birth for my second child, I had only one mother friend in my area who didn’t respond with an agape mouth and stern words of caution. I felt confident about my decision to forgo a hospital and even a midwife, but needed more support. All it took to find women on my wavelength was a simple Google search. For months during my pregnancy I immersed myself in the stories of women who not only gave birth at home, but felt compelled, like I did, to do so alone or with only their partner. I learned about finding a back-up midwife, how to listen to my body’s cues, which birth kit to purchase, but most importantly, I felt a sense of community behind me that followed me all the way to the day I was breathing through contractions.

My second daughter was born in my bedroom into my own arms. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to listen to my intuition and have the birth I’d literally dreamed about so many times without the virtual support of women I may never meet face to face.

Through their words, mom blogs have said “you are not alone” to millions of women around the world. There are blogs to support nursing moms, moms with children of special needs, single moms, lesbian moms, homeschooling moms, and everyone in between.

I nursed both of my children but was happy to see a blog to support women who have decided to use formula because it opened my eyes to a group that feels marginalized and gives them a safe space on the web.

There are those who believe that bloggers are “secondary” or inferior writers because they aren’t part of mainstream media. I disagree and thoroughly love this form of true social media that is people-generated and without the constraints of advertising considerations.

All that said, I’d like to share a blog post that particularly touched me this week. It was written by Kristen Chase, a highly accomplished blogger mom of four and speaks to her journey as a mom and her thoughts of the future. Warning: Grab the Kleenex before reading!

Happy blogging & blog-reading, everyone!